You acquired it, built it, developed it – now the world is changing and you are looking towards the future. What will become of what you spent your life building?

Unfortunately 70% of second generation and 90% of third generation businesses fail because of the lack of development and preparation of the next generation.


We don’t want this to happen to you.


Are They Ready?

The Envelope in the Safe

Emotional Family Dynamics

The Moment of Truth – A Success Story

We are experts at helping CEO leaders transition their organizations to leaders of the future.

Succession Development is Whetstone’s focus and signature work…

By bringing the right (and sometimes difficult) conversations to the table, we can help ensure that what you’ve built won’t crumble, but instead will grow into the legacy of success you’ve always dreamed of leaving behind.

Whetstone has a proven track record working with owners/founders, their families and executive teams to help them overcome and prevent the obstacles that create a 90% failure rate for next generation leadership/ownership.

Many business owner/leaders and their organizations are not equipped for the future.  Incoming leaders and teams have not been developed or prepared and because of this, their organizations could suffer greatly and may ultimately fail.  We want to see you into the future.