What Clients Say…

Succession Development/StratOp

“Our first face to face meeting with Kary was very positive.  It wasn’t very long before we felt like he understood us and the company as if he had been with us for decades.  Kary’s open, engaging, sincere personality allowed us to trust that he would take us through this complicated process. Succession development was very important to us. We have learned that there really is a process that needs to happen for change .”
-Doug Nidiffer, C&K Market

“In 2008 the Oak Hills Church invited Randy Frazee to assume the role of Senior Minister and partner with Max Lucado, who would stay on as a full time Teaching Minister. In addition, the elder leadership called Randy to move the congregation aggressively out into the community in an effort to reach the growing city of San Antonio. The task of establishing a unified vision, a strategic/operation plan and re-organizing the staff was a daunting task. Kary Miller and the team of Whetstone were critical to directing us and setting us up for success. Several years later we are on track to achieve the mission we set out to accomplish. We are grateful for the guidance and wisdom of Whetstone and recommend them without hesitation.”
-Randy Frazee and Max Lucado,  Oak Hills Church

Leadership Development

“Whetstone helped me unleash potential within my organization to a greater degree than I would have done on my own and helped me accelerate the development of critical members of my team.”

“There’s a depth to Whetstone that I don’t see in other consulting firms I’ve worked with”

“Whetstone peeled back the obvious but now absent company identity I’d adopted, and showed me who I was underneath—the me that was there all along and who was now moving forward into this next chapter of my life.”

“They are an unusual mix of individuals with behavioral, cognitive, psychological understanding as a foundation built upon very strong insight on people and talent. In the 21st century – organizational assets are in the people domain – people are THE Strategic asset – I think Whetstone gets that and goes right to that dimension.”

Life Plan Process
Game Changer

“The Life Plan is about intentionally looking back over your life, the good, the bad and the ugly, and then allowing the lessons learned to better shape the way you live life going forward. It was in the top 5 most difficult things I have ever done, but it has put me on a path to be a better man.”

“The LifePlan did what I hoped it would, cut through the “what if’s” and exposed what’s best for me.  It helped me see the difficulties of my past have shaped me into the strong leader I am today. Because of the LifePlan I have great confidence in my ability to find the right use of my experiences.  It has been, in short, a game changer for me.”

“Kary is a gifted facilitator. He has great sensitivity to the unique needs and challenges of the high capacity, male leader.”

“I left our time together feeling encouraged, cared for and protected.  Because of his life experiences he knew when to push and when to allow time to breath, he was tough when he needed to be and at the same time was able to protect in those moments where protection was needed.”

-Dave D.

Decision-making Framework

“I so appreciate the work Kary did guiding me through the LifePlan process. Trying to get my bearings after being laid off—having been nearly three decades in one career with one employer—the LifePlan process gave me a decision-making framework to move forward.”

“The process showed me the big picture and I came to understand the sweeping vista of all my work, beyond the “job” I’d done to uncover my underlying mission and passion. We ruled out dead-end options and pointed me in the direction of greatest potential. We also identified important next steps that got me in motion, keeping me from spinning my wheels.”

“I cannot recommend Kary and this process highly enough.”

-J P

Outstanding Practitioner

“I am very grateful that I was able to participate in the life plan process with Kary. Tools alone don’t create great pieces in the workshop – the tools need a great carpenter. Kary is an outstanding practitioner of his craft whose ability to extract the important elements, discard the noise while making it all comfortable is something to admire.”
-Jeremy N.

Cornerstone in my Life

“The LifePlan process played an integral role in my willingness to pursue clarity and truths about myself that only Kary could facilitate.  During and after my time with Kary, what became alarmingly clear is that the place I was operating from and the ideas that were driving me were not the right ones.”

“Before my life plan, I had never strung together the relationships, events, hardships, and successes into the clear portrait of myself that I have today.  I was working to fit into a mold, especially in my vocational life, that was never going to fit.”

“Through the artistry of excellent facilitation and a well-constructed exercise, I now have clarity about my mission, my core values and my vocational direction.   What I am clear about, more than ever before, is that there is a specific direction for me.”

“The plan has become a cornerstone in my life and a guide for everything that I do, where I spend my time and what I net my decisions against.”
-Kevin M.